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workcampNE 2017 was a Mountaintop

The theme of this year’s workcampNE mission trip was “Mountaintop.” We talked about several mountaintop experiences in the Bible and then about our own. workcampNE itself was even a mountaintop for our group.

Not only did we serve 15 or so residents in the Springfield, VT, area, but we grew closer to God and each other. Two of our students even made decisions to be baptized, which will happen this Sunday after the 11:30 worship gathering! And several others are strongly thinking about it!

Below are the daily videos made by the workcampNE staff, which will show you a bit more of what we did this week, including some of the fun that happens back at the school when we’re not working on our job sites.

The local newspaper also covered our time in Springfield. You can read their article by clicking here.

If you are a teenager or college student and haven’t been to a workcampNE mission trip, please consider going next summer. If you’re an adult, we are always looking for crew leaders, crew co-leaders, kitchen workers, troubleshooters, drivers, and more!

A Note from Steve Cullum, Student Minister

Here is a note I read at RCC’s worship gatherings on Sunday, July, 2, 2017:

Ten years ago, I first visited Rockingham Christian Church. I was wrapping up my ministry resident program at a church in Illinois, I had a girlfriend back there, and I had a God-sized future ahead of me in New England. Over the years, I married that girl, met some amazing people here, and have been able to partner with an awesome team of youth workers to build a student ministry and play a small role in the lives of teenagers and families in this area.

Many of you have heard me say that it has always been my goal to flip the statistics on their heads — the ones about how many teens walk away from the church and their faith after high school — and this church has seen some very positive results, as the majority of our students are not only still involved but pursuing leadership for Christ.

One of the things Yvette and I have taught students and families over the years is to follow God wherever He leads you. We often have no clue what He wants to do through us, but we have to be ready for the adventure. It’s that adventure that brought us to New England and specifically to RCC.

While there is still work to be done, we are currently in a very very bittersweet time of our lives, because we have recently felt and heard God saying it is time to move on. Trust me when I say that I really wrestled with God on this, because I truly love what I’m doing and we love you all. If we could be in two places at once, we would. But that’s not yet possible… And we would be hypocrites if we didn’t obey our own teaching to follow God’s call.

So in a few weeks, Yvette and I will be moving to Longmont, Colorado, to become the Student Pastor at LifeBridge Christian Church. It is a move that was very unexpected. But God has made His plan very clear. It’s a great church that has done some amazing things in its community and in God’s Kingdom, but they need a student pastor, and it has been obvious that is where God wants us for the next chapter of our ministry. We are very excited about this new opportunity, but it will be very hard to leave you all!

We cannot thank RCC enough for your openness and love to us over the years. You all have put up with me as I learned how to be a better teacher and speaker. Parents, you have entrusted us with your kids, which I am forever grateful. And you will forever be in our hearts! I don’t know all the details of God’s plans, but we say as Joshua did, “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord,” wherever that takes us and to do whatever He asks of us.

Thank you, RCC!

Summer at RCC

We are really excited about this summer at RCC! We’ll have some events for all ages, and we look forward to seeing you and your “ones!” Check out the calendar below, print one off for your fridge, keep it handy, share it with others, and make sure you show up for some fun!!

All of the events are designed for the entire family. So, yes, students should bring their parents!

Camp Create is back this year. If you have not yet signed up your elementary-age child to attend, do so today before we are all filled up! You can find more information by clicking here! If you are a teenager and would like to serve as a leader, please contact Amy Snyder today.

Our Summer Kick-Off will be at Field of Dreams from 4:00-8:00 PM, which will include life-size board games, competitions, and food. We’ll wrap up the evening with some outdoor worship time starting at 6:00, including a band full of RCC students and adults. We’ll also have a brief Gospel message especially designed to help your “ones” understand Jesus. The event is completely FREE. We’ll be providing some main dishes, but we are asking that if your last name starts with A-I, bring desserts; H-Q, bring chips; and R-Z, bring sides and salads. Click here to RSVP.

Each of the Student Ministry Worship Nights are from 6:00-8:00 PM at RCC, and they are designed for both 6-12th graders AND parents! We’ll also have some food, games, music, and a Gospel-centered message each night. Again, these events are free, but we will have a donation box for those who want to help out with the cost of food and other expenses (like the band we have booked on August 6).

Our annual family camping trip is something many families look forward to attending each year. For more information on how to sign up, contact Amy Snyder today!

We’ll be providing more details soon regarding the exact time and location for our Fall Kick-Off event. For now, mark your calendars!


RCC Students: What’s Coming Up? (May 2017)

May is almost here, which means the end of school is near! Students everywhere are probably rejoicing, but you parents aren’t as excited. No matter where you fall, we’ve got some exciting things happening around RCC this May around RCC!

The Middle will be wrapping up their “Relationship Goals” series on May 10. After that, instead of another series, we’ll have two stand-alone weeks for The Middle. On May 17, one of our high school seniors will be bringing a message all about what Jesus says are the greatest commandments. The next week, May 24, we’ll be doing a big Q&A night all about the questions that have been submitted over the last several weeks. On May 31, we’ll wrap up The Middle for the 2016-2017 school year by having a big party to celebrate. More details on this very soon!

High School will begin a new series on May 7, which will be led entirely by our seniors. Four of the graduating seniors will be bringing their own message on May 7, May 21, May 28, and June 7. We will take off the night of May 14, though, due to Mother’s Day. Looking forward, we’ll wrap up the school year for high school with a party on June 11.

This summer is going to be a big one, too! Here’s a quick preview of the calendar, but we’ll share more in the near future!

  • June 26-30 — Camp Create (all students invited to volunteer)
  • July 2 — Summer Kick-Off Event at Field of Dreams in Salem
  • July 9-15 — workcampNE Mission Trip (for current 8th graders and older)
  • July 23 — Student Worship Night (for all 6-12th graders & parents)
  • August 6 — Student Worship Night (for all 6-12th graders & parents)
  • August 20 — Student Worship Night (for all 6-12th graders & parents)

We will most likely add a couple more events and trips to our summer calendar, so stay tuned. But for now, make sure these dates are on your own calendars!

RCC Students: What’s Coming Up? (April 2017)

Happy Spring, everyone! As we turn our focus to Easter and the upcoming end up the school year, here is a quick run-down of what’s coming up in the world of RCC Student Ministries… (Warning, it’s kind of a lot!)

The Middle (5-8th grade) will continue their “All-Access” series through April 12. This series, which we started last Wednesday, is preparing us for Easter, as we discuss how Jesus has given us all-acess to God.

High School (9-12th grade) will finish up their current series, “Lenses,” on April 2. It’s been great to talk about some deep and serious stuff over the past several weeks, as we how we should approach our future, social issues, and other big stuff going on around us.

April 8 is the Worth It Conference. All students and parents are invited to join us for this one-day event that will help us remain pure in our dating (or future dating) relationships. In addition to local ministers and youth leaders, there will also be several professional athletes there to share their stories! Sign up online today!

On Sunday night, April 9, all high school students are heading over to Park Place Lanes for a night of bowling & pizza! The cost is only $15, so invite your friends and maybe even volunteer to take care of their cost! This will be in place of our usual high school ministry, so do not come to RCC. Instead, bring your money and friends, and meet us at the bowling alley!

RCC is hosting the Salem Community Easter Egg Hunt on April 15 at Soule School. Make sure you sign up to volunteer and invite your friends, family, and neighbors to the event!

On April 16, RCC’s Easter morning worship gathering at will be at Salem High School at 10:15 AM. Also, our high school ministry will not meet that night, due to Easter.

The Middle will start a new series on April 19 called “Relationship Goals.” This three-week series focuses on three different types of goals that should be set in relationships. We’ll talk about: What you do now affects your future; Guard your heart, value others, and be honest; and IF you want the right kind of person, you need to become the right kind of person. Even if you’re not even thinking about dating right now, these are great principles to put into place for all future relationships and friendships!

All 6-12th graders are invited to join us at the Salem Boys & Girls Club for an all-nighter on April 22-23 with several area churches. We’ll have tons of food, games, music, laser tag, dodgeball, basketball, swimming, and more! The cost is $20 per person, and there’s only space for 300 students, so sign up today!

Due to the all-nighter, high school will not meet on April 23. We’ll be back to our normal schedule on April 30, though! Also, you can start getting excited about May, because our seniors have a surprise for everyone!!

Due to NH school break, The Middle will not meet on April 26. We’ll be back to our normal schedule on May 3!

If you are in 8-12th grade and have not gotten your deposits in for our workcampNE mission trip yet, do so right away! Also, if you’re not yet in the workcamp team’s Facebook group, contact Steve today, so you can stay in the loop on all our fundraiser plans and deadlines.

Ok, you can breath now! I know it’s a lot! But rest assured, it’s all going to be great!!

Wrapping Up in the Dominican Republic

Kathy hanging out with some of the children at a Go Ministries site in the DR

Day 3 in the Dominican Republic was humbling!

Our guide, Tim, introduced us to the founder of Go Ministries, Brook Brotzman. We toured the present clinic, a small house structure. And then walked to the site of the future four-story med clinic, currently under construction.

It was exciting to see 100s of children playing and learning at the school!

Breakfast was with the Lincoln Christian University baseball team, who are in the DR helping with baseball clinics for children, helping stabilize a church building and playing a few teams along the way. GO LIONS!

At the end of our day, the only thing we could talk about was The Hole — a place where the people live beside a river. There are only two words we can use to describe our experience: humbling and convicting.

Only hours from now we’ll climb on the plane and say goodbye to the physical DR. For myself, a piece of it will always be with me.


Greetings from the Dominican Republic

We are in day 3 in the Dominican Republic, and the weather has been amazing. But what is more amazing is what we have seen and experienced! GO Ministries is a multifaceted endeavor to share the love of Jesus with the people of the DR.

We have stepped into a clinic, churches, nutrition program, seminary and a huge sports program that’s meant to focus on developing character first. Unfortunately, though, there is no hockey!

We hugged a lot of people! And we’ve seen some life changing places. I wish you could be walking beside us! Kathy, Mike and I wish you all well! Thanks for your prayers! And we can’t wait to have a chance to sit with you to tell our story!

RCC Students: What’s Coming Up? (March 2017)

Hey, all you 5-12th graders and parents! Here we are again with our monthly blog explaining what’s coming up in the world of RCC Student Ministries. We’ll cover the teaching series we’re doing for each program and upcoming events.

Game Night at The Middle (March 1)

New Hampshire students are on school vacation this week, so on Wednesday, March 1, we’re taking a break from our usual teaching and small groups at The Middle for a game night. Feel free to bring a snack to share and a game to play. We’ll have some time for you to play board/card games, but we’ll also have some large-group games. Be sure to invite your friends!

workcampNE Deadline extended to March 5

Officially, the deadline to sign up for workcampNE is today, February 28. However, a huge internet server issue has taken down the site we use for online registration. So, we’re extending the deadline (again) until March 5. Please sign up right as soon as you can. All current eighth graders through college students can sign up. The dates for this year’s trip are July 9-15, and we’ll be serving the community of Springfield, VT. If you have any questions, check out workcampNE’s website and last year’s recap video.

“Escape Room” Series at The Middle (March 8, 15, 22)

You’ve probably heard of escape rooms—you know, those places where you get locked in a room with your friends and then try to escape by solving puzzles and secret codes? Some people love them and can’t wait to solve the puzzles, while others count down the minutes until they’re over. Just like an escape room, we all handle difficult and painful situations differently… but often we look for some type of relief. Whatever it is, we all have a favorite distraction— something we get lost in. But the trouble is, these good and fun distractions sometimes lead to hurting others, hurting ourselves, or damaging our relationship with God. In this series, we’ll look at how to deal with difficult situations in our lives. As we do, we just might find that God’s inviting us to stop avoiding and escaping hard times, and instead, face our troubles head-on. And maybe we’ll see that through our struggles, God builds our character, provides us with comfort, and calls us to share that comfort with others.

“Lenses” Series at High School (February 19, 26, March 5, 12, 19, 26, & April 2)

Our high school students are currently in a series called Lenses, which is all about worldviews. We all have a worldview, whether we have really thought about it or not. The real question is how do those views cause us to act? Specifically, we’re talking about how Christ-followers should view the world around them. Throughout the series, we’re going to tackle some pretty deep topics (things like college, dating, sexuality, abortion, stress, and terrorism) and discuss how Jesus wants us to approach them. We won’t always come away with exact answers, but we will provide a safe environment for healthy discussion to take place. This will take us right up to Palm Sunday, when we will head over to the bowling alley for a really fun night!

That’s it for this month. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


Deep Freeze 2017 Recap

This past weekend, RCC took 31 students and six adult leaders to Berea for our tenth Deep Freeze winter retreat. As always, it was a great time of fun, worship, bonding, and growing in our relationship with God. The main speaker this year was Lucas Ramirez, who is the Executive Director for The Gathering Place, a Christian leadership development organization that impacts over 12,000 students each year. The music was led by The Great Romance, a worship/rock band from the St. Louis, MO, area.

Throughout the weekend, our students engaged in four large group main sessions, where Lucas spoke on the weekend’s theme — Horizons. After an quick introduction on Friday night’s session, the other three covered internal, eternal, and visible horizons. Internal was all about who we follow determines who we are. Eternal was all about how the choices we make now impact eternity. Visible was all about how following Christ isn’t just about the exciting promise of heaven, but it’s about an adventure God wants us to live now.

Saturday also had a ton of games, free time, workshops, and food to fill out the time between the main sessions. Many of our students played paintball, went snow-tubing, met students from other churches, and played with some gl0w-in-the-dark paint. A group of our high schoolers even won the volleyball camp tournament! The workshops included topics from how to surround yourself with encouraging people to how to lead in your church, ministry, and school.

Of our 31 students, we had at least three who are considering baptism and many others who said they are ready to take their next steps with Jesus. It has also been great to watch our middle school students after Deep Freeze. They especially had a wonderful time bonding over the weekend, and you can clearly see its impact on our Wednesday night ministry!

Thanks to everyone who prayed for us and the many who helped make this weekend happen!!

Here is a quick video recap from the weekend. Enjoy!


RCC Students: What’s Coming Up? (February 2017)

Oh, February… The month of love! At least that’s what Hallmark tells us. It’s also another exciting month here in the RCC Student Ministries! Here’s a quick run-down of what we’re doing this month and a bit beyond…

Deep Freeze Winter Retreat 

Our winter retreat at Camp Berea is February 3-5. We already have 30 students signed up, and a few more are on the waiting list! It’s gong to be a great weekend of fun, connection, and worship! If you missed signing up, contact me right away, and I can add you to the waiting list.

Make sure you follow @rcc_students on Instagram this weekend, especially, as we will be posting photos and videos of the event all weekend long!

Please note that our high school ministry will NOT meet on Sunday, February 5, after we return from Deep Freeze. Take the night off. We do, however, encourage you to host a party at your home for “the big game,” and invite both your churched and non-churched friends. Then “pray for one,” and let God work!

Road Trip series at The Middle

Starting February 8, we’re starting a 3-week series called Road Trip. Aren’t road trips awesome? Whether it is to the beach or mountains or a family vacation, there’s just something about hitting the open road with your favorite snacks, good company, and the perfect playlist! Road trips are great adventures, but they are also times when the unexpected seems to happen.

Long before GPS, the Apostle Paul set out on a series of road trips, and just like us, he experienced some surprising and life-changing moments. During this series, we’ll dive into three of these turning points in Paul’s journey and see how they might apply to our lives.

Parents, click here for the Parent Cue for the Road Trip series.

Lenses series at High School

What lens do you use to look at the world around you? What impacts how you see things? As followers of Jesus, we’re called to live as He did, but sometimes that can get a bit confusing. Sometimes, we are left scratching our heads and wonder how Jesus would react to the issues of today.

Starting on February 12, we will start a series at our high school ministry simply called Lenses, where we will dive into worldviews and social issues. We’ll talk about many of the pressing topics of today and discuss how Jesus might handle it. This is a perfect time to come with questions. In fact, we are welcoming them with open arms. On our first night, we’ll provide the list of topics we’re planning to cover and give you a couple ways to submit your questions ahead of each week.

Parents, there will not be a Parent Cue for the Lenses series, but we will make sure to get the list of topics to you too. We highly encourage you to take the conversations home during this series!

workcampNE Mission Trip

Our mission trip with workcampNE is not until July 9-15, but sign-ups have already begun! The deadline for your application and $75 deposit is coming up on February 14. All current 8th graders through college students are invited, but we also want/need adults too!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anytime. We would love to have you join us for this incredible service opportunity in Springfield, VT.

Click here to learn more and apply online.

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