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We’re Moving!


There are chapters in all of our lives, and we want you to join for the beginning of our next chapter. We are moving to 2 Keewaydin Drive, Salem, NH and our gatherings will begin there on February 25, 2018. There has been a major renovation of our new facility, and we want you to enjoy the new space with us.

In addition to a new location there will be new gathering times. On February 25 we will begin meeting at on Sunday at 9:30AM and 11:00AM. Our gatherings are both the same and last for one hour. We sing a few songs, have a roughly thirty-minute message, and take communion every week.

If you have any questions, email tyler@rccsalem.com

A Message From Tom


Some time ago, I initiated discussions with the Rockingham Christian Church elders about the tenure of my work here and the best timing, at some point, of my stepping away from this ministry. Karen and I have served here for over 12 years now and have loved it very, very much. But we also realize that sometimes change can be good, for everyone. And so, as a team of leaders we’ve discussed and prayed over the details of best timing for the church and for the Gerdts family. A big ingredient in this process has been the hard fact that most of our family, including both of our moms and most of our kids and grandkids, live a great distance from here, and fulfilling the responsibilities of this ministry makes it quite difficult to do life with them as we’d like to. So I’ve informed the elders and staff that I’ll be resigning as RCC’s Lead Minister, effective this March.

I very much appreciate these elders for listening patiently to Karen and me on these matters, and giving their thoughtful feedback. At all times, our primary consideration has been what’s best for the church. I considered stepping away at an earlier time, but some unexpected staffing changes and a longer-than-expected facility search seemed to make that inadvisable. Now, with a great new facility and after a successful NEXT Campaign, I believe RCC is well situated to move strongly into the future and make a greater impact than ever. Some might think that soon after the church moves into 2 Keewaydin Drive is an inopportune time for my departure, and I can understand that. But I’ve also learned from previous experiences that there’s never a good or easy time for something like this. Karen and I believe that as you keep your eyes on Jesus, RCC won’t miss a beat in building effectively on the foundation that’s been laid — in continuing to meet people where they are and help them follow Him. 2018 will be another year of substantial change – newness, you might say. You, our brothers and sisters, have responded beautifully to all kinds of changes, and I believe you’ll continue to do so as God faithfully leads you into the future.

We both thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for your friendship and partnership. We love you all. Some of you will probably miss me a lot less than you miss Karen, and I totally understand that. She’s a fantastic minister in her own right. Some of you have walked side-by-side with us in this good work for all of these 12 years; others of you we’ve just recently met, and everything in between. But you’re all precious in the Lord’s sight, and in ours. I recently ran across a quote that says, “Hang on to Jesus tightly, and to one another loosely.” I think that’s great advice. In this imperfect world where everything seems to be temporary, we’re often required to let go, for now, of people who are dear to us. All the more reason to look joyfully forward to that perfect world in which all Christ-followers will get to hang on tightly to Him together, and forever.