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Current Position Openings - Part Time Kidz Rock Team Leader

Job Description - Part Time Kidz Rock Team Leader

To apply for this position, please e-mail your resume to Ben Siemon at

Kidz Rock Team Leader Job Description

Purpose: To provide weekly leadership and oversight to Kidz Rock each Sunday

Personal Requirements:

  • Exhibit a mature relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior
  • Practice spiritual disciplines regularly
  • Maintain an active prayer life
  • Show evidence of the fruit of the Spirit
  • Demonstrate strong relationship skills
  • Sustain a healthy balance of work and rest in their life
  • Model Integrity

Skills & Abilities: This candidate must be able to…

  • Equip leaders
  • Work with volunteer teams
  • Connect relationally with parents and children/teens
  • Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
  • Teach children/teens
  • Recruit and inspire volunteers in various roles 


The Kidz Rock Team Leader reports to the Family Minister


  1. Arrive at 8:30AM Sunday mornings to ensure check-in and all rooms are ready to go.
  2. Welcome volunteers as they arrive, making sure every classroom has coverage 15 minutes prior to each service hour.
  3. Lead Sunday AM Huddle for Kidz Rock team at 9 a.m. each Sunday morning
  4. Help manage volunteer needs on Sunday morning, moving volunteers around as needed and covering empty classrooms on demand.
  5. Assist Check-In Team with welcoming new families as needed and giving a tour of Kidz Rock.
  6. Ensure supply needs are communicated to the Kidz Rock Team Purchaser by the 15th of each month for the following month’s supplies.
  7. Prep for weekly Elementary Large Group by preparing the script, supplies and ProPresenter.
  8. Be present on Thursday AM when Kidz Rock set-up team is prepping for Sunday.
  9. Communicate wins and challenges with Family Minister on a weekly basis through the use of 15five
  10. Invest in recruitment of 2 new volunteers per month to Kidz Rock


  1. Meet with the Family Minister monthly for further development and support
  2. Meet once every 6 weeks with the Kidz Rock Leadership Team

(Check-In Team Lead, Early Childhood Team Lead, Elementary Team Lead)

  1. Attend the quarterly Leadership Huddles
  2. Meets qualifications of being an RCC leader
  3. Must be in agreement with the mission and policies of Kidz Rock and RCC at large
  4. Must have a servant’s heart and be willing to serve wherever needs arise on any given Sunday in Kidz Rock
  5. Must be faithful in church attendance and past volunteering