The Journey

The Journey Life Group Discussion Guides and Videos

Week 1: Our Mission and Values

We exist to Invite people to journey with Jesus.

In week one we explore our mission statement and our vision.

View the week 1 video here.

Week 2: The Journey Toward

We believe every journey begins with a step.

This week we explore what it looks like for each of us to take a next step.

View the week 2 video here.

Week 3: The Journey With

In a culture where individuality is praised, we believe doing life in

community can be more fulfilling and life-giving.

View the week 3 video here.

Week 4: The Journey Inward

We live in a busy world, but when we slow down, we can find the most

meaningful parts of life revolve around being alone with God

View the week 4 video here.

Week 5: The Journey Out

As a church, we believe that meeting weekly for worship is only part

of what God has planned for us. That is why we Journey Out.

View the week 5 video here.